Art consulting for private clients

We support and advise you on the acquisition of artworks, as well as the development of art collections. This can range from a one-time talk through to comprehensive project development or the creation of individual concepts that keep in mind the aspects of sustainability and investments.

We look for artworks from established "blue chip" artists and promising, talented artists and find art for you that corresponds with your ideas of collecting and can be integrated within an overall concept comprising architecture, interior design, and collection.

We will gladly handle acquisitions and sales for you, check for authenticity and provenance, and deal with the appropriate contracts. We are glad to help you with further questions dealing with optimization, as well as management, inventorying, storage, restoration, and transportation and insurance of your art works, as well as with matters concerning structural improvement and curatorial supervision of your collection, and its transfer to the next generation.

Art consulting for businesses

An investment in art is beneficial for firms and helps in the shaping of identity both within a business culture, as well as in public awareness, creating a connection between corporate goals, social interests, and employees.

Following a specifically developed leitmotif, the combination of various artistic positions can result in a lively collection profile. Promising perspectives can be opened not only through the aesthetic attraction that artworks have, but also through content-based links between art and business. Supporting the awareness of central themes through the dialogue with art is one of our concerns.